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A'int Your Grandmas old Roller Shades

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I think it is safe to say that Roller Shades have come a long ways since grandmas house! Remember the ones that you would pull on and they would get stuck between the top tube and the window or you would just keep pulling and pulling and they would stay in one spot or would end up being pulled all the way down? You know they had that half circle design with tassels at the bottom. Well let me tell you there have been a few upgrades since then and with all the variations grandmas old Roller Shades are a far cry from todays options. It’s no wonder this super affordable window covering leads the way in consumer favourites!

The fabrics now manufactured for Roller Shades can be lavish, modern, have a country vibe and even have an industrial feel; there are hundreds of combinations and did I mention they also are the most cost effective way to outfit your windows? That is right! Depending on the combination you choose you could have a full home of custom blinds for a fraction of the cost! There are light filtering fabrics for your main floor that still block the view of foot traffic and nosey neighbours, there are sunscreen fabrics that allow you to see into the out while providing the best UV protection and of course blackout for the bedrooms!

I have personally installed so many combinations of Roller Shades. There are a few different top treatments that will completely change the look of a shade. For a country vibe or even just a cozy feel I would always recommend a coordinated fabric wrapped Cassette that encases the shade for a super hidden away look. For a trendier or contemporary look a 4” flat faced painted Fascia would give it that extra polished look for the most modern homes and décor. If it is your ultimate goal to cut cost then having a fabric wrapped valance or open roll is for you! I have seen open rolls done in 6000 sq ft homes and Fascia in studio apartments.

With the many options of Roller Shades to choose from you may be wondering about the controls as I mentioned earlier Grandmas old shades had so many issues without cords! Rest assured blinds seekers that too has changed over the years. They come with what is called a continuous cord loop, which fastens to the wall so they are super safe for little people and pets and they look tidy too. They also have major upgrades in their cordless option so it will no longer take 10 tries to get the darn thing to go up or come down! If you are really going to take the plunge into innovation for all you gadget guys and gals they even come on remote! Automation can be hard wired into your home during or after build and for easy application you can have everything on battery now. With endless options even Grandma will have an easier time with you new shades!

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