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DIY Baby

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

People love a good DIY. Heck I LOVE a good DIY! We all do this, we search or scroll through Pintrest looking for the perfect thing to make or do. The appeal is the satisfaction of knowing we could make that thing that would make our homes a little more cozy, our bedrooms a little more boho and of course the entire house a little more organized, well DIY seekers there is no time like the present! If you are like so many of us right now stuck at home then grab those Pintrest boards and pick one you’ve always wanted to try!

One of my personal favorite DIY projects is macramé. We have a lot of plants in our home so the natural ropes I like to use always look amazing against the green. It is a fun and easy project with pretty immediate results, unless you are going for a large intricate piece but it’s still a pretty easy undertaking and can be a fantastic statement piece in your home. Homes with trendy styles often have some sort of wall tapestry or hanging so dive right in!

Give your furniture an upgrade with new handles and fresh paint. This is such an easy way to upgrade basic furniture into statement pieces that are on trend. Your home will look fresh and lush and is an inexpensive way to up cycle your furniture and there are tons of you tube videos and idea boards. My favorite trends are painting Navaho inspired looks using painter’s tape or geometric designs with stencils. You can order in all of your supplies so you don’t have to leave your house

With the current situation we all have extra time and probably room for a little side hustle. There are so many crafts and DIY you could be trying to sell on Etsy, Facebook Marketplace or even Kijiji. From wreaths to candle making to sewing projects for the extra savvy. Birdhouses, rock matts for the front door and barnyard signs for the cozy home, there are many ways to keep yourself busy and earn a little extra. Personally, I love it when my crafts can pay for themselves. I also love to spend time looking on places like Varagesale and Kijiji for inexpensive craft tools and supplies. It’s a great way to get out of the house and recycle within your community!

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