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For the Love of Zebra Shades

I don't know about you but we are in love with Zebra Shades! They are as versatile as they are elegant and we are gushing over the new line by Shade-O-Matic . Although you won't find them called Zebra Shades with this brand, they are known as Concept Dual Shades and they are dominating window covering trends and with good reason!

The Concept Dual Shades are one of Shade-O-Matic most luxurious and beautiful window coverings, they are a soft shade that combines the light control of a blind with the soft beauty of a fabric shade, a contemporary shade that is very modern and will complement any style and decor. They will offer your home maximum privacy while protecting your family, your homes contents ,and flooring from harmful UV rays in the open or closed position due to the full coverage of solid and translucent bands. Continuous Cord Loop is standard and fastens to the inside casing of your window keeping cords nice and tidy and are a safer option for a corded blind. They feature an innovative bottom rail which allows the fabric to slide through for precise positioning in your window and your fabric will always align. They come with a matching fabric insert in the headrail which is standard and provides a finished and elegant look.

Recently we had a client sell their home we installed the stunning Dual Shades in just last year and I wasn't surprised when they re ordered the exact same shades in the exact same colour! She told me she was so sad to leave the blinds behind as they made such a gorgeous and permanent fixture in their home but also was a huge focal point and selling feature she knew it would be the item she had to have in the new space as well. I went to the new home and right away could picture them as a focal point in this home too, with a double story living room and a massive gallery of windows the Duals were going to be the wow factor as soon as you stepped into the house. They did not disappoint. They elongated the walls, looked fresh and provided a new warmth and cozy feeling to the already perfectly laid out home. The openness of the living room, dining area and large kitchen makes it easy to see them from every angle in the home. This project was a window covering enthusiasts dream.

Whatever you call them the Zebra, Dual Shades, or even Concept Dual Shades are here to stay and we are so excited to share this beautiful blind with many more customers! Outfitting windows to add style, poise and design features to any style home will surprise you how much of an impact and statement you will get from these delicate but fierce looking shades. These shades are the upgrade we get so excited to install for our customers. These blinds are a feature all on their own!

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