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Indoor Oasis and the Plants We Love

We have deep connections to the land we came from, plants fill your soul and calm your mind and have a beautiful impact on any space. Indoor gardens have been popular for as long as humans have lived indoors and there’s no wonder why. They complete your living space with life, Have a huge impact on the aesthetic of a room and purify the air we breathe. We not only love a large variety of plants we love to live with them too!

Low Maintenance for The Win!

We actually have some pretty easy plants and I have learned from Adam that over time you get to know what each one needs to be healthy. You build a relationship with them, I used to think I killed every plant I ever had because I was just bad at taking care of them and now we have over 50 plants in our home and they are not only surviving but they are thriving! There are so many apps out there now that if something went wrong you could easily find out, not to mention local Facebook groups that are out there for support and finding new varieties. I have found many plants on these groups. Big Impact, Low Budget

Plants make a statement! At least ours do. Every time we have someone new over they are completely captivated with the plants that call our house home. I have found all the best plants on Facebook Marketplace and Varagesale so I don’t break the bank when I bring them home. Last year I found a massive tree that was 7 ft. tall and 6 f.t across. The owner selling it thought I was crazy for attempting to bring it home in my Dodge caravan but man that van is spacious!

Why we Love Plants

What is not to love? They smell delicious and provide life inside the home even in the still of winter and everything is white or even brown outside we can still enjoy life and growth inside our home. They all have a different growth rate too so it's fun to be the first to see and show new sprouts and monitor how each one does in a particular part of the home. What a great way to get kids excited about horticulture! We have been fortunate enough to have very high ceilings that we take advantage of with two 7ft tall money tree varieties, one for me and one for Adam of course. They fill our space with happy little corners and have a huge impact on our daily lives giving us a beautiful view into our sunken living room in our 3 level split home, in our bedrooms and anywhere there is light. Our smoky blue walls are the perfect backdrop for cascades of bright green vines and large Monstera that hangs from celling. The contrast in colors make the rooms pop! Overall plants just make the home happier, happy little moments in every room. I honestly could never imagine our home without them!

And of course if you would like to book a free in consultation you can do it here! We would love to help you with your project!

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