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What are your windows wearing?

Custom made Shadow Magic Horizontal Shadings. Combining the soft sheerness of a shade and the functional control of a horizontal blind, this shade has a centre vane which can be adjusted to guarantee the perfect amount of light or privacy. Shadow Magic Horizontal Shadings are suitable for any type of room and living space. Whether it is modern, contemporary or country, these shadings will add simplistic beauty and sophistication to your home.

Key Features

Offered in the popular 2 1/2" vane size, ideal for all window sizes.

Streamlined collection featuring both translucent and light-dimming vane styles to provide varying degrees of light control.

Optional cordless lift control for a control cord free operation.

Fabric vanes, suspended between two sheers, rotate open or closed for soft view or full privacy.

Filters out up to 88% of incoming harmful UV rays when open, and up to 99% when closed.

Covers large window expanses with no visible internal lift cords to detract from their elegant appearance.

When raised, they completely disappear into the headrail allowing more outside view.

Limited Lifetime Warranty ensures your customers’ satisfaction

Design Options

Cord loop remains the same length while lifting tall or heavy shadings with ease. Cord tensioner eliminates dangling cords.

Wand and pendant operation lifts and lowers shadings with touch of a button. System is rechargeable and easy on the budget.

Tilt-only shadings hang in place and simply tilt open and closed. Ideal for French doors and sidelights

The single cord pull raises and lowers the shading and tilts the vanes for exact light and privacy control, yet remains the same length for enhanced child safety.

Rechargeable battery-operated RF system features remote control operation; no manual button. Affordable convenience at your fingertips.

Operating independently but sharing the same headrail, two shadings combine for a clean design with light and privacy control.

A light pull on the handle adjusts the shade. With no visible cords, this option provides enhanced safety

Rechargeable battery-operated RF system features remote control operation; no manual button. Affordable convenience at your fingertips.

Colour-coordinated fabric covers the headrail, providing a seamless, custom look.


Precise control of the wand tilts the vanes open or closed, along with a cord to easily draw the shadings across the window

Opens and closes the vanes with a simple twist and effortlessly draws the shadings across the window. Enhanced child safety option. (Note: Moving wand is an option with side stack only.)

Vertical Shadings beautifully dress sliding doors and large windows with equal ease.  

Effortless functionality when vanes rotate open for filtered light or closed for complete light control and privacy. 


Shadings glide across a precision track for the most open view.  

When the shading is closed, the hardware tucks completely behind the shading. Coordinates with our Horizontal Shadow Magic


Shadings to present a harmonious look in the same room.



Serving; Calgary, Airdrie, Cochrane, Chestermere, Carstairs

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