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Common window blind myths

Debunking Common Myths About Window Blinds

Window blinds have long been a popular window treatment for residential homes and commercial properties alike. Despite their widespread use, there are a few common myths that give blinds of all types an unfair reputation. Here we'll address some of the most common misconceptions about window blinds and reveal the truths hidden behind them. If you've ever been misinformed about these window treatments, then now is your chance to see the light (no pun intended).

They Ruin Your View

While window blinds allow you to block out or filter natural light to your heart's content, they don't spoil your view of the outdoors. In fact, many blinds will only enhance your view while also offering privacy and light filtration.

Blinds Aren't Durable

On the contrary, most modern window blinds consist of sturdy materials that can stand the test of time. They've come a long way in recent years and no longer consist of components that quickly break down or succumb to household wear and tear.

Quality Blinds Are Always Costly

Expensive doesn't always equal excellent quality, and affordable doesn't automatically mean cheap and flimsy. You can find cost-effective blind materials, like faux wood blinds, that provide supreme durability and timeless beauty for a great price. Plus, you can always rely on a blinds and shades professional to recommend favorable items that will meet your needs entirely. Don't necessarily feel like you have to spend a small fortune to get a fantastic product, and don't assume that the highest price always means the best.

There Aren't Good Blinds Options for Large Windows

Floor-to-ceiling windows and glass doors may seem impossible to outfit, but the truth is that there are several attractive options that will fit these areas like a glove. You can find vertical blinds that will easily cover your large-scale windows and doors. Roller shades and panel track systems are also good options for these tricky areas.

Window Blinds Are Hard to Clean and Maintain

Actually, most window blinds, and even shades, are relatively low-maintenance and easy to clean. Regardless of your blinds' material, a simple with a feather duster and maybe some mild cleaner will be enough to remove any dust and dirt buildup. Don't be fooled by the false belief that blinds area hassle to care for when in reality they'll likely be the easiest item in your home.

They're Unsafe

Many people mistakenly believe that window blinds can be dangerous if you have small children in the home, but the reality is that there are child-safe features available with most blinds packages. For example, you can choose cordless lift mechanisms for your blinds, like motorization or wands, that eliminate the threat of a dangling cord. These safety features ensure that your kids are protected, and you can rest easy with window blinds in your home.

Don't let myths discourage you from taking advantage of all the benefits of window blinds for your home. And remember, you can always call Divine Blinds when you need top-notch expertise in the Calgary area.

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