Classic Faux Wood

Wood and Faux Wood Collection

The perfect alternative for the discerning person who wants the look and feel or real wood, Moderne Faux Wood Blinds have the beauty and consistency of authentic wood. There are many colours, finishes and slat sizes to choose from. Designed to be used in any type of room, they are impervious to heat, humidity and moisture. Think it’s wood? It’s Faux – noticeable by touch only!

Corded Options

Blinds tilt open or closed by pulling on the cord tilt control. Lift cord features a break-away stop ball for added safety in homes with children.

Adjusts the slats open or closed with a simple twist.

Cordless Options

Battery-powered motorized system tilts blinds open and closed with the touch of a button. For hard-to-reach windows or for light and privacy control on command.

Press a button on the aluminum bottomrail to lift and lower blinds. Release the button to lock blinds into place. Convenient and easy to use - enhances safety in the home.

Blinds lift and lower with a light push or pull on the bottomrail. Cordless lift provides enhanced safety in the home.

Desgin Options

Lift cords pass through holes in slats, the most common slat design.

Two or three blinds combined on one headrail for flexible light control and beautiful unity. Ideal for side-byside windows or large expanses.

Optional routeless slats eliminate route holes to reduce incoming light, increase privacy and enhance the look of the blinds.

Solid or decorative tapes provide a graceful accent to the blinds as well as cover route holes for increased light control and privacy.



Serving; Calgary, Airdrie, Cochrane, Chestermere, Carstairs

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