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Classic Faux Wood

Faux Wood...
Think it's real it's Faux!

Wood Blinds...
For the true Calgarian

Vertical Blinds...
Ain't your Grandma's old vertical blinds

Wood Blinds for a Bay Window

The perfect alternative for the discerning person who wants the look and feel or real wood.

  • There are many colours, finishes and slat sizes to choose from.

  • Designed to be used in any type of room

  • They are impervious to heat, humidity and moisture.

  • Tilt only

Real Wood Blinds never go out of style.  Instantly invoke an heirloom aura with luxurious, gleaming wood.

  • Innately energy-friendly, our woods are chosen for their natural insulating properties.

  • Choose from the classic look of smooth-finish paints and stains or a specialty finish.

  • Tilt only

  • Fabric vanes have two options for bottom weights which hold the vanes in place

  • Sewn-in bottom weights are standard

  • Vertical fabrics are available in light filtering and a heavier vinyl in room darkening.

  • Over 300 selections of patterns and colours, all in today’s fashion forward trends.


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