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Looking Back on 8 Years

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

As a business owner I can tell you every decision counts and being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. There are tons of risk, plenty of mistakes, and hard learning curves that can cost you wasting a lot of money and time and there is no written manual for any of it. From dealing with unruly clients, who are never satisfied to worse, getting ripped off in a situation your gut told you there was something wrong. Not to mention the amount of mistakes in dealing with custom orders and missed opportunities in customer service and awkward disagreements from unrealistic expectations. But the reward is like no other. Everything equals growth and every situation changes the nature of how you conduct yourself. It can be an exciting and challenging journey to freedom and for those who partake and are successful reap the rewards of the ultimate dream, the freedom to make your own schedule and be in control of your own wealth. Not to mention most people I have worked with are actually amazing humans.

When I started I had no idea what I was getting myself into and it took me 3 months to get off the ground. I spent time writing a website and making notes and planning what my first move would be. Researching the blinds I would sell and also marketing tactics. I had no idea what I was doing and I had so much fear around even getting going that now looking back I know all I had learned in those early days was how to be a professional procrastinator. Little did I know I would get a huge job to force me into high gear and never look back. Like I mentioned before there is no manual on how to become an entrepreneur.

I have made many mistakes myself. From being a messy and tired mom and having the imposter syndrome when I pull up to an Infills home or estate home or even just a first time homeowner. I have ordered wrong product, measured incorrectly, forgotten about orders and every time I kick myself, as I should maybe know better. These are all rookie mistakes that eventually you learn from and I always right my wrongs and I am not afraid to try again and again. I know by getting into the ring everyday that I am doing what all entrepreneurs do best and that is learn and grown on our own without having someone forcing us along to pick up the pace. Now a days I don’t make as many mistakes and I am drawn towards more interesting and challenging jobs that I could have only dreamed of attempting in my early years. I love a good brain twister!

I realize now there is nothing I have ever wanted more then to be my own boss and write my own manual as I go along. It is incredibly rewarding when you land a huge new client because of the knowledge you can easily bestow upon them, when your words flow effortlessly and you address every issue with a calming and reassuring tone that is fueled with experience. When you are welcomed with trust and your client goes from looking to you for the cheapest solution to knowing they couldn’t pay anyone else but you. When they offer you to stay for a meal or even just a coffee. The true rewards are being thorough in your delivery and eloquent in your jargon while making friends with your new clients. No project is unimportant and no issue is too small or too large to overcome. At the end of the day I have learned about my impact on the people that I work with and all of them have helped me grow.

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