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Why Window Coverings?

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Hey there my name is Jenny and I am the owner and operator of Divine Blinds! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my posts! I'm going to talk about everything blinds, diy, home trends, business and maybe some random stuff too.

Window coverings are my favourite accent piece. They are versatile, functional, and cost effective that comes in many styles and fabrics for every taste. From the lavish and rich to simple and clean lines they can create an ambiance in your home that completely changes the way a space looks and feels. We have been working with the top manufacturing company over the last 6 years and we know shades! Which brings us to now.

“From the lavish and rich to simple and clean lines they can create an ambiance in your home that completely changes the way a space looks and feels.”

Lets talk security and protection from the elements! So you just bought a new home and you want to create some sense of privacy, what better way to do that by having some custom window coverings installed. You get 100% privacy and also because of the materials modern blinds use you will also be protecting your new home and family against all the outside elements! In other words from the damaging sun to the cold in the winter, blinds are a great way to add some insulation to your windows. Not only that but they can greatly reduce the outside noise from those pesky neighbours who like to have a fire what seems like right under your bedroom window at night!

With so many variations in styles and forever updating options from cord choices such as lift and lock and powerwand, to top down bottom up and cordloop you will be sure to customize your every need! Most fabric window coverings are made from polyester and each type of shade comes in hundreds of fabrics to choose from. Some clients we work with go for unison throughout the entire home choosing the same fabric for a cohesive look; some choose products depending on the needs of each room like room darkening and light filtering and others go for completely different looks per room using pattern and print to act as accent pieces. Whatever your taste custom blinds are a sure thing to update your home and add flare to any room!

Here’s the thing, even if you have a tight budget and no decorating skills whatsoever window covering are a sure thing to update your space and change the entire vibe of the room guaranteed! With plenty of fabric choices and options to choose from all of our clients are always happy with what they decide on. From cellular shades with top down bottom up to the new zebra shades and sheer fabrics, blinds have come a long ways since grandmas’ old roller shades!

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