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We require a 50% deposit to place an order. The remaining 50% gets paid upon instillation. The timeline to receive your product is 3-4 weeks but due to unforeseen circumstances is not guaranteed and does  not affect the final price. If there are any issues with your order such as size or colour you must settle up the remaining  non issue products before the issue can be rectified. All orders are final sale as they are made custom. Shade-O-Matic reserves the right to decline remakes for impurities that cannot be seen at 3 ft or is outside of their quality control guidelines.Please contact Divine Blinds directly for the first year for any warranty issues, after the year is up you must contact Shade-O-Matic directly. Please have a full understanding of your products and its limitations before purchase.


Due to the nature of the customized products there are no refunds or exchanges. Once you have made your deposit you are bound to the agreement.


Divine Blinds accepts all major credit cards, e transfer, debit and cash.


Divine Blinds Ships to Calgary, Canada to our very own office to ensure your order is in the best condition! Due to unforeseen circumstances longer then usual shipping does not affect the final price.

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