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Honeycomb Sound Softener

Sounds like a new brand of the perfect fabric softener with a hint of sweet gooey goodness - but no, these are actually my thoughts and a perspective on having blinds and other window fixtures in the office, or studio. Maybe you work as a musician and your office is both and office and studio. Maybe the local chihuahua is barking outside. Or, you live in a modern house that's 4 feet from neighbour and their baby is expressing it's discontent. Whether your studio for music, work or a space to retreat to create and relax; These sound proofing blinds will create an atmosphere that best preserves the peace and quiet we need to be creative! This information by Wood Upp suggests wood slat blinds can disperse sound if you are that musician trying to dampen the sonic vibrations. While all blinds do offer sound dampening qualities they will not trap bass frequencies. You can preview my line of wood shades here and if that isn't the aesthetic you are looking for, I suggest cellular shades as they not only aid in reducing noise but stabilize temperature, resulting in a reduction to energy bills.

Beyond blinds and other window fixtures like acoustic drapery, studios have other and arguably way more important features for preserve sound quality and trapping bass - but I am here to just speak to blinds, and the undeniable aesthetic they add to such a sacred space. If you want to nerd out, or view artistically elevated forms of sound damping I high suggest this spread on Pinterest by Fishbrook Design.

It's amazing to me how shades and acoustic panels made from woven material and trees from the forest make the job of reducing noise so beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. If you live in Calgary area I would be delighted to complete your home studio or office space with a variety of options to suit your spectrum of needs and wants. You can book your free in-home consultation here.

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